Converting HTML pages to a PDF document

The easiest way to do this is to simply hit Ctrl+P in your Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser and then choose Save as PDF (instead of printing to paper).

But if you’re looking to convert multiple pages that becomes easily cumbersome.

Sejda’s HTML to PDF helps with easy batch conversion of multiple URLs to PDF documents.

  1. Paste all URLs, one per line
  2. Click Convert HTML to PDF
  3. Wait for the task to complete, then Download a zip containing all PDF documents.

Convert HTML files to PDF

You have a program that outputs HTML reports, and you’d like these files as PDF. Sometimes these files are quite large, up to 50Mb.

Sejda’s HTML file to PDF converter helps with this use-case as well. 

  1. Click on the Convert HTML files tab
  2. Upload your HTML or HTM files
  3. Click Convert HTML to PDF
  4. Wait for the task to complete, then Download a zip containing all PDF documents.

Alternatively you can simply copy and paste the HTML code on the Convert HTML code tab.


Sejda’s HTML to PDF conversion is very accurate, just like a browser. What you see in your browser is what you get in your PDF document.

  • CSS3 features (web fonts, effects, etc)
  • Javascript
  • Large PDF documents

An HTML to PDF api is available to integrate the conversion in your programs.

How to Add a ‘Save to PDF’ link to your web page

Let your visitors save web pages to PDF. Copy and paste some simple HTML code and add it to your web page:

<a href=“” target=“_blank”>Save to PDF</a>

No setup is required. The web page URL to be converted is determined from the HTTP Referrer.

Want to configure the URL of the page being converted?

Want a specific page size?

Read more in the docs