How to Crop a PDF

The use case: you have a PDF document but you’re only interested in part of the content on the page.

Sometimes you want to print and avoid the outrageously large borders.

Other times you want to extract some data to an Excel file and need to crop out the data table first so the table detection works better.

Or you just want to trim the PDF document pages.

Here’s how to crop a PDF document using Sejda’s toolset.

  1. Drag and drop the PDF file to the webpage. Or click Upload PDF files and select a local file. Or pick a file from Google Drive or Dropbox.
  2. Select with the mouse the crop area to keep
  3. Alternatively you can define the margins by typing in the inch values. 
  4. Click the Crop PDF button and wait for the task to complete
  5. Download you cropped PDF file

The really great part about Sejda’s Crop tool is that all pages are rendered one over the other in a blended mode so you can easily figure out what is a crop box that works for all pages and doesn’t cut out content from say 5th page.


Input directly the values in inch, if you know them. Or make a crop box selection manually using the mouse.


Crop PDF online

PDF cropping does not get any simpler than this.